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WhatsApp Plus



WhatsApp Plus Features

WhatsApp Plus is the app that you can control everything on WhatsApp Plus. It comes with many privacy features that provide comfort to the user:

WhatsApp-plus'ı indirin

Hiding Online Status:  You can hide online status and use WhatsApp Plus freely and show it to everyone offline.

Hide Blue Ticks:  When you read the message, you can hide blue ticks for individuals and group.

Hide Second Ticks: When  you deliver the message, you can hide the second ticks for individuals and group.

Hide Writing Information:   When writing a message,  you can hide writing in people and in the group .

Hide Recording Status: When you   record audio, you can hide the recording information.

Hide Blue Microphone: When   you turn on the sound, you can hide the Blue Microphone for people and group.

Hide What You See Status: You  can hide the status view for people. (If you have seen the situation, your name will not be visible)

WhatsApp-plus'ı indirin


WhatsApp Plus Media and File Sharing

With WhatsApp Plus, you can share all kinds of audio files, photos, videos and ebooks, and increase its size more than five times.

Document and File: You  can send any file type such as PDF, TXT, Docs, APK, EXE, size up to 50MB and more.

Camera: You  can send high quality and faster photo and video recording.

Gallery:   You can send high quality videos up to 700MB and pictures up to 18mb from gallery or file manager

Audio:   You can send files or music up to 50 MB from the music player or music

Location: You   can share your location with one click

Communication:  You can easily select and send many people.


Whatsapp Plus version information

Version Name: V8.30

File Size: 48.5 MB

System: Works on Android 4.0 and above devices

Updated: 23/03/2020

 Note: If the download links on your Android device do not open in Google Drive and One Drive applications and the download does not start; You can start the download by holding down the link and pressing the ” Open in New Tab ” option. 

Latest version

WhatsApp Plus V8.30  (Google Drive)

WhatsApp Plus V8.30  (MediaFire)

WhatsApp Plus V8.30 (OneDrive)

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