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What is the difference between WhatsApp and FM Whatsapp?

Both apps are for communicating with family and friends, whether in the original version or the mod version. The difference is the features they contain.  FM Whatsapp is the third-party mod version of WhatsApp . The mod offers better features compared to the original one. If you want more features, download the latest version of FM WhatsApp from our site.


What is FM WhatsApp

As we discussed earlier in the article, FM Whatsapp is the modified version, meaning it comes with some of the most asked features that are not available in the original version. Features related to security, privacy and ease of access have been added by developers to make the user experience better than the official version.


Version Name: V8.35

File Size: 52 MB

System: Works on Android 4.0 and above devices

Updated: 23/05/2020

Latest version

FM WhatsApp V8.35 (Google Drive)

FM WhatsApp V8.35 (MediaFire)

FM WhatsApp V8.35 (OneDrive)

Amazing Features of FM WhatsApp

Why settle for less to get more. With the growing demand for new features and privacy tweaks, users tend to use third-party versions of WhatsApp rather than the original version. It is always said that a modified application is always better than the original application. This is due to the features it provides, which are not found in normal practice. That is why we have mentioned here some of the most prominent features of FM Whatsapp. If you go over all these features, you can definitely   try FMWhatsapp Apk .

Privacy Features of FM WhatsApp

Freeze Last View:

We are always concerned about what we saw last, and sometimes we don’t want others to enter our last opinion of WhatsApp. Officially, the original version gives you a feature where you can close your last view on WhatsApp, but on the contrary, you won’t see other people seeing it on Whatsapp anymore. Now, you can ask what’s special in FM Whatsapp. Well, FMWhatsapp will let you see what other people saw last, while others won’t see it last time while on WhatsApp. To enable this feature, click the three dots in the upper right corner of FM WhatsApp, click Fouad modes> Privacy> last seen freeze button.

Hide display status on FMWhatsApp:

This again turns out to be an important feature about FM Whatsapp. Many users prefer a third-party version because of the advanced features it offers about privacy. With the help of this feature, people who write stories about their status will not know that you are viewing their status. In other words, enabling this feature allows you to secretly go and watch the stories of other people who have reported their status without notice.

Show blue check marks after response:

You may find this feature of FMWhatsapp extremely important as it allows you to keep it completely private without letting your friends go online and read their messages. Most of the time we receive messages, we read them, but for some reason, we cannot get answers. It may be a problem not to answer your friends. So what is the solution for this? FM WhatsApp provides a feature to save you from this problem. With the help of FM WhatsApp, the sender sees blue check marks only when he replies, not only when he displays the message. This feature can be very important for people who are always busy and don’t have time to answer right away.

Hide submissions and Blue Tick:

WhatsApp users have been waiting for this feature for a very long time, but official developers have been unable to add it for some reason. As the name suggests, when you receive any messages, the sender will not be able to know if the message has been delivered to you. This also applies to blue ticks. The sender cannot know if you have seen the message. Only one check mark will appear on the APP. However, now you will be able to read your messages without permission. Such an amazing feature, right? Install FM WhatsApp now   and review all these features.

Hide write and save action text:

Take a look at this newly added feature. The name suggests everything – So you don’t want others to know what you’re doing when you’re online and chatting? When you turn this feature on, you will not be shown a voice message to the person you are chatting with or recording. Privacy is at its best, install FMWhatsApp now and enjoy these exciting features.

Hide with these Awesome FM WhatsApp Features

Send a message to a number without registering any contact:

FM Whatsapp lets you send text messages, voice and even video calls directly to anyone, without actually recording their phone number. This feature is useful only when we need to send someone a one-time text message and don’t want it to be saved on their phone. Simply click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click on ‘number message’ and enter the number and send a message directly and start a conversation.

Disable transmitted tag in messages:

Whenever we forward a message to another person or any group, there will be a label that says ‘transmitted’. Sometimes this message we send to others may appear suspicious, and the originality of the message confusion can be offensive. However, with the help of FM Whatsapp, we can forward any message without notifying that messages sent to others have been forwarded many times before reaching them. To use this feature, go to Fouad Mods> privacy> Disable forwarding message.

Choose who can call you:

Unexpectedly, there are times when we receive calls from people we don’t want to stay in touch with. Or there are some people who annoy us by calling WhatsApp instead of making calls directly from the cellular network. In the official version, we cannot block calls from people we do not want, the only way is to block them. Blocking doesn’t make sense because they can’t chat with you. But with the latest version of FM Whatsapp, you can choose who can call you on Whatsapp from your list.

Preventing Deletions of States:

Anti-delete status is still one of the biggest features available in FMWhatsapp. If someone sends a story to the status section and deletes the story after it is posted, the story is deleted and no one can watch it. But here you will get an unfair advantage with the help of FM Whatsapp. In other words, you will be able to see other people’s stories even after deleting them. This feature may seem simple, but while no one can watch them, there is a unique plus point that gives you the best access to watching stories posted about the situation.

Preventing Deletion of Messages:

Like the wipe prevention feature, FM Whatsapp comes with the wipe prevention message feature. What this feature does is to enable you to read the messages deleted by the sender. In the official version of WhatsApp, if the sender deletes the message after sending a message, it will appear as ‘this message has been deleted’ for the recipient so that the sender will not know what the message was sending. This issue is not available on FM Whatsapp, the developers have added a feature where you can see the messages deleted by the sender. This feature sometimes gives you superiority, most of these features are added to FM Whatsapp, so stay tuned for more exciting things.


Tired of the same stereotype WhatsApp green theme? do you want to try something new? Personalize the Whatsapp interface with tons of themes. This is the most wanted and expected feature of FM Whatsapp and it stands apart from its original version. FM Whatsapp comes with tons of different themes, it contains a collection of more than 100 themes. Choose one that suits you. Try something new every day, Install FM Whatsapp now and enjoy these awesome features and you know the best? You don’t need to spend a single penny.

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